Response to spammers

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have two blogs on the go. There’s this one which has everything and I have another one on Blogger where it just hosts all of the OTR Links and none of the stuff that I create from scratch.

As a responsible blog host, I do keep an eye on the comments that are dropped on by visitors. Sadly, not all visitors are real people and, like most bloggers, I get my fair share of spam.

I’ll be honest, any of the comments that come by this blog can be the trickiest to deal with. Some are actually kind of close to being what might be considered legitimate responses. Fortunately, the other blog is easier managed. Nobody cares to drop off legitimate comments there!

But, that doesn’t stop the robots that like to be annoying. I check in periodically just to make sure that a legitimate comment didn’t get trapped.

I do enjoy some of the comments that are there and have been flagged. Here are a few.

I’m surprised that this person is surprised by the quality of my work. I work hard at it. I’m not a writer by trade.

It’s early onslaught something or other when you post the same thing twice.

Is anyone else getting the urge to “Click here”?

I know this might be a rhetorical question but the theme to my readings is “random stuff that interests Doug”. I don’t see how that fuels any research

I’m good. I didn’t even know I had this problem.

Ah, that’s about enough.

I often wonder what I would do if I ever came face to face. In the meantime, I can thank Google for capturing these and many, many more comments and holding them away from anyone’s mouse.

You’ll notice that a common thread to all of these is that they are hot linked to another web resource. That other web resource is never good news. That’s why I do screen captures and paste them into these posts. I’d hate to think I might pass them along.

There really is a dark side to blogging but thankfully, there are tools in place to stop them from dropping their payload.

I guess it could be worse – check this out – If You Find A Slice Of Cheese On Your Car – You Might Be In Danger

2 thoughts on “Response to spammers

  1. Good morning Doug!

    Yes, those spammers have some unique and creative ways to try and say nothing. Certainly the ones that are rife with grammatical errors stand out.

    I have noticed that you have implemented a practice of closing comments after seven days.
    You have also implemented a policy of screening any post that includes links. Personally, this one can be problematic for me as I sometimes like to include links in my comments.

    Can I ask you to take a look at the comment field that appears after each post in multiple browsers? For some reason it now appears as a field of single line height and I find it very difficult to draft a longer response. It certainly makes reviewing a comment for spelling errors or typos very difficult. I don’t know if it is a change in browser behavior, or some formatting issue within


  2. Hi again, Doug!

    Regarding the problematic comment field referenced in my comment above — I’ve just done a review of several different web browsers across 4 devices:

    iPad: Safari, Chrome, Duck Duck Go, Edge, Brave
    iPhone: Safari, Chrome, Edge
    Chromebook: Chrome
    Macbook running macOS 11: Safari, Chrome

    Based on the results from those browsers across several devices, it appears that the issue is limited to Safari and Chrome on my iPad, which is where I typically compose comments for your blog. For the time being, I’ll have to switch to a different browser on my iPad when composing comments for Doug – Off the Record. This comment is composed using a Chromebook (Chrome browser) and the field nicely expands for easy review and editing.


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