My Week Ending 2021-05-02

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.


  • These were an awesome collection of Eagle Cams for use in the classroom. When I visited one in particularly, mom was ripping apart something for lunch
  • If you get to the point where you want something besides Google applications on your Chromebook, look to these tips


  • Given all the patches and bug fixes, I’d hate to not be running the latest version of Windows 10
  • Ubuntu 21.04 is here and here are the new features


  • Here’s how to be King for a Day, at least in Google’s Argentina
  • This is a great story about how librarians are stepping up getting people COVID shots in the Middlesex County area


  • I don’t consider myself too old to get into a remake of The Flintstones. I grew up with the modern stone age family
  • A new browser that runs in the Cloud – Mighty


  • Trust it to the Opera browser to support unstoppable domains
  • An interesting update to the Vivaldi browser as more and more websites become annoying


  • I’m not sure that I agree that a high end tablet is needed for Android. There are high end Chromebooks that flip over into one
  • I think everyone would agree that the logic of going back to big lecture halls isn’t something we want to see happening any time soon at universities


  • I had to smile at this. Back in my day, we walked to school even during snow storms going up hill both ways. In a way, school districts closing local schools in favour of larger schools further a way caused this problem
  • All I can say is that I love the name my parents gave me and I’m not a fan of what is currently trending

Blog Posts on
doug … off the record

My daily contributions to this blog are linked below. If you’re looking for a week in review for doug–off the record, you came to the right place.

#FollowFriday – April 30, 2021

voicEd Radio

On this week’s show, Stephen Hurley and I chatted about Principals, failure, poetry, me, and sick pay.

The show, stored as a podcast is available here:

  • Anne-Marie Kee – @AMKeeLCS
  • Amanda Potts – @Ahpotts
  • Setared Dabbagh – @TESLOntario
  • Aviva Dunsiger – @avivaloca
  • Diana Maliszewski – @MzMollyTL

Opening Song:

Closing Song:

All of the podcasts are archived here. The show is broadcast LIVE almost every Wednesday morning at 8:45 on voicEd Radio.

Technology Troubleshooting

Bluetooth is a great technology until you let it take over. Then, it just becomes annoying.

At various points in time, I have my bluetooth headphones connected to various things around here. They’re only connected to my MacBook Pro on Wednesday mornings for my TWIOE show on voicEd Radio.

Annoyingly, or as a feature, they want to reconnect to the device that I last used. That’s basically everything that I don’t want it to connect to. The technology is such that it can only connect to two devices at once.

So, my solution is to leave some devices out of range and then scramble to turn it off on my PC so that there’s room for the Mac. It seems easy enough but every week, I have a “holy cow” moment as I don’t get it right.

That’s the problem with correct solutions; you actually have to implement them.

Video of the Week

I know this but sometimes still get confused. Then there’s the whole European Union and Brexit thing.

Photo of the Week

You might think this is Northern Ontario but it’s actually just down the road from us after a heavy rainfall. I love the resolution that the new Android phone provides for the camera.

Thanks for reading.

Please join me daily for something new and, hopefully, interesting for you. I honestly and truthfully appreciate your few moments reading my thoughts. Time willing, this summary appears every Sunday afternoon.

Be safe.


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