A new standard

well, it was for me anyway. And a launchpad to do some more learning.

I’ve mentioned before that we were able to get fibre brought into our house. No more 3MB service on a good day. In my computer nook, I have this little television that we’ve had for a number of years. Maybe I could stream television to it!

As it turns out, I had been gifted an Apple TV years ago. So, I connected it to the television, to the internet, and then turned it on. So far so good. As I started to poke around, the operative word were “years ago”. Yes, there were options to send to the television but I didn’t recognize some of them and others were pay to play. At least, there were some radio stations. But no CTV or CBC GEM. Sigh.

It always seems to happen to me. Either I have technology that is really old or I buy something that’s on sale which is kind of a hint that the technology is on its way out.

As it turns out, I did have a gift card from The Source with some money on it. Maybe I’ll get with the times and get something a little more recent. Wow, AppleTVs are definitely getting a premium price!

I know that many people have opted for Chromecasts and that was intriguing. But, I wanted a little more and so ended up with a Google Chromecast 4K with Google TV. It shipped from Barrie and was here in a couple of days. Connections were easy; the defaults were interesting but access to the entire collection of applications will keep me busy for a long time, I suspect.

I knew, for sure, that the standard that was important to get was 4K. It’s not like it’s available everywhere but maybe someday. This morning, I read this article about how the GoogleTV was certified for HDR10+. To be honest, that was a standard I hadn’t heard of so I started my researching here.

Of course, the real test will be finding broadcasting that works in that format and then to see if I’m able to enjoy the difference.

If anyone is versed in this new technology, please share your learning with me. I’m on a mission now to get my head around this. It actually feels kind of good to be ahead of the technology at this moment in time. Now I just have to learn why.


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