What’s your name?

I read about this this morning and almost skipped over it until I started thinking about it. Maybe I could use it.

On a typical day, I have a number of windows and tabs open. Way too many, I know, but I do start from a base home screen and then continue to open windows and tabs to be productive (at least in my mind) and then shut them down at the end of the day.

It was one of those things that I didn’t know I had a problem until I saw the solution!

Out of the box, Windows does give windows a number although it tends to be the URL of the active tab. Doesn’t it make sense that you should be able to give it a meaningful name? We do try to do that for everything else on the computer.

A new experimental setting for the Chrome browser (it appears in Opera but doesn’t seem to work and it appears as works well in the Brave browser) and it’s a simple setting in the collection of experiments.


The setting is for the default but you can switch it to enabled. You’ll have to reboot the browser for the change to take place. Now, to name a window, just right click on the title bar away from a tab and the option to name the window appears as an option.

So, how do I see this benefitting me? Well, as the day progresses, I’ll keep opening new windows and use the Alt-Tab combo to move to the window that I want. At this point, I just have Snip&Sketch and two windows open.

I know it’s a little small but the window with the frame around it is my window for Ontario Educators. As you may know, I don’t follow them all but have them all organized into Twitter lists. When I want to know what’s happening with my Ontario folks, I’ll just flip to that window and check out the lists. You can see at the right that I captured the creation of this post in the WordPress editor.

More importantly, I have all the Ontario Educator lists in a window that’s just called Ontario Educators. The blog post is in a window that I haven’t named so it’s named by the content of the tab. Maybe I should name that window Home or Start or something.

It’s not a world changing feature and with just a pair of windows open, it might not even make sense. But, I’m sure that the value will become apparent as the day progresses and more windows appear.

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