Thanks Doug

I had a private message from a friend this morning saying “You’re trending again”.


It was a few weeks ago that my friend @garlickd13 pointed out that “Thanks Doug” was trending. I had to do a little poking around and indeed it was at the time and again, this morning.

It’s Friday and, as per usual, I spent about an hour going through my lists of Ontario Educators and putting together #FollowFriday messages. The “Thanks” part comes from people feeling the tag and responding like Charles did.

Bizarrely, some people get notified when they’re tagged and others don’t. I have no explanation for why or why not.

It’s my own personal little effort to support Ontario Educators make connections with others in the province. All that you have to do is to be on one of the lists and to actively do something on Twitter so that I see it and include you in the list. I really do like the fact that people respond somehow since typically, they end up retagging everyone else in the original message. It’s sort of a digital pyramid scheme, if you will. It’s a reinforcement that we’re not alone in this. During these times, I would suggest that’s a good thing. I hope that, when tagged, people build their network by following those tagged in the same Twitter message.

Zack gets it!

I think it’s a good thing for people to make the connection to others and perhaps expand their Ontario connections with someone who actually was active within the past day or so. As we know, there are people who do sign up for an account and never use it. Following them really doesn’t make sense.

But, back to the original message – there were hardly 2 466 Twitter messages in reference to this Doug. I had to smile when someone I don’t know mentioned is was “some guy named Doug“. Yeah, I’m some other guy named Doug, I guess.

Consequently, I can’t lay claim to them all. Or, realistically, anything more than just a few of them. As we know, there is another Doug in the province with a much higher profile and people love/hate him. Honestly, he generates the most “Thanks Doug” messages. Having spent some time reading them, they’re all over the map and some are actually quite witty.

My ego is just along for the ride.


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