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Wednesdays are garbage days around here. As Jaimie and I were out doing our morning constitutional, I could help but notice that things were just a bit different.

Sure, there were the regular collection of Herby Curbys, wannabees, garbage bags, and boxes like we would see on any Wednesday morning.

Oddly, there was something else.

I noted a few over the air antennas and a couple of satellite dishes. Are you getting the sense of how you look for anything new as you walk the same roadway day after day?

It was inevitable, I guess. Bell Canada has undertaken this massive project of providing fibre connections to every household in our town. I’ve seen projects of this sort before but this promise was that everyone in town could be part of this, even those of us in rural settings.

It’s not that we weren’t connected. We had the best of technology that we could acquire be it satellite television, radio internet, and over the air channels. It was good but didn’t have the best reliability due to weather or speeds.

Well, apparently our neighbours are done with the old connections and have moved on to the new. We’ve joined them with fibre pulled right to the rec room and the router. The biggest advantage is that we can now easily have more than one person connected online! I know that it’s probably not a big deal to you if you’ve enjoyed it as part of your lifestyle. But it’s a big deal to us.

I guess the ultimate kick in the head was when we closed down our previous services and the companies didn’t want their equipment back.

It’s still in place and now I’m getting the urge to maybe dig out the ladder and take it down. Keep up with the Jones’, don’t you know. It seems like going full circuit back to having services run to the house via wire as opposed to invisibly and magically through space and time. (at a cheaper cost…)

Maybe I’ll just have a nap and rethink this.

I just wonder if there was some sort of technology reclamation project going on that I didn’t know about. I’d hate to think this once functional equipment is going to end up in a landfill.

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2 thoughts on “Back to earth

  1. When we moved to our current house 5 years ago, it had a dish on the roof on the side of the house. It is still there, disconnected. It’s not very noticeable and we worry of issues with a hole in the roof if we remove it. Maybe one day…
    Our garbage day is on Wed. too. People on our street concur: It is always the windiest day of the week and it is like a wind tunnel on our block. But such fun exchanging garbage cans and lids at the end of the day 😀


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