Pivoting (yet again)


It was just yesterday (Sunday) that the Minister of Education repeated the line that schools were the safest place for students. It’s now 3:15 on Monday and I’m listening to the press conference where the Premier has announced that schools will return to online education after the break.

The Minister himself used the “pivot” word that I know just grinds the gears of anyone who hears it. The only pivoting going on is how to choose words for yet another press conference.

I find it unfathomable that something drastic has changed since the Friday before the MarchSpring – April Break. Ironically, I think the common wisdom is that this is the proper decision. Just a day late and a dollar short.

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

What will happen to …

  • those students who would require technology and other resources available from their school in order to learn from home
  • those students whose parents keep them in their home school until the break when they would move to a new school
  • those parents of school aged students not old enough to be left along at home who are not essential workers by the government determination and yet do have to return to work

I guess we can get some consolation in knowing that there are still a few working days this week for this “Plan” to be refined. Does the left hand even know what the right hand is doing? Educators can move mountains but they need to be given a chance.

From my perspective, any safety that has been seen in schools hasn’t come from some master plan from Queen’s Park but from the care and diligence of teachers, caretakers, support staff, administrators, parents, and students.

This “Plan” could at least be palatible if it included the vaxination of all educators during this time.


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