From the Jetsons

When I made reference to this little movie in yesterday’s post, I knew that I just had to say something about the seven points. The Jetsons and their society were genius.

If you watch the video, the author identifies seven things…

Video phones

Absolutely, we have this form of technology today. In fact, it’s made dealing with the pandemic possible for some. Without Meet, Zoom, Skype, where would we be with connections that we’d normally make face to face. Certainly, with the US border closed, things that I look forward to are just not possible. One of my yearly highlights is to reconnect with a certain professor at the University of Northern Iowa. Now, I meet twice weekly – once I’m honoured to join their Friday “Symposium” and usually Saturday with a different group of CSTA friends. Just as we would in a hotel bar, there is beer, Scotch, or wine involved. The thing about us versus the Jetsons is the many windows that are open at the time. The Jetsons were really one on one as far as I can remember.

Robotic assistance

Well, I don’t have a Rosie the Robot running around the house. My son does have a Rumba and that might be in the future here but we bought ourselves a Dysan vacuum at a Canadian Tire sale and it does a great job. The biggest robotic assistance that I use daily comes in the form of electronics. Regular readers will know that there’s a new post to the blog at 5:00am. It’s not like I’m sitting around here waiting until 4:59 to press post. In addition, there are lots of other computery things that get automated. RSS and scripting are technologies to rule the world. Or at least a part of it.


I love drones! Also remote control cars, an earlier form of drone activity. My problem is that I’m kind of cheap. Drones do command a fair chunk of change and it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money. However, I do know of someone who has one and we’ve been able to fly it over to the next concession road to see housing construction beyond the no trespassing signs.

3D printed food

This is an area that I can’t complain any expertise in. At least in the common concept of 3D printing. My experience there is a bit frustrating. It takes a long time to design something worthwhile and then hours to actually go ahead and print it. Heaven help you if you make a mistake.

Smart watches

I’ll tell you this; this is one of the greatest things I have done for myself. I started with a Motorola smart watch and now use a Samsung. If you want to live in a totally connected world, you need to do this for yourself. Messages come to the watch from your phone; you can make phone calls, monitor footsteps, heart rate, and do a lot of simply computing stuff. I’m absolutely sold on this and can’t imagine a day without it. And, drum roll, it also tells time with a myriad of watch faces that can be loaded.

Treadmills for dogs

I’m fortunate that I live in the country and there’s a roadway that runs north and south just over there. At least three times a day, my dog (and my smart watch) head out perpendicular to the sun’s trajectory. I’ve never had the desire to just put Jaimie on a treadmill and say go. Ditto for myself; I’d rather get outside and see things, smell things, listen to music, and dodge cars and trucks. Did I mention that they’re building a huge greenhouse just down the road and so our rural route is now full of construction traffic.


I’ve had no experience in this area but I’d love to. The idea of being able to propel yourself up in the air even if boosted by water as in the video is somehow intriguing. The closest I’ve come are zip lines, trampolines, and a slingshot deally once at a fair. A jetpack would be just absolutely wonderful.

So, is the future coming? Or is it already here? Will we be living in the clouds someday? Will we all be wearing pointed clothing like the Jetsons did? Time will tell.


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