A couple signs of the times

I don’t know why, but I feel especially whipped as a result of the one month shutdown, lockdown, something announced by the Ford Government yesterday. Around here, we’ve been trying to do our best following the guidance of the government and our local health unit. But, apparently that’s not enough.

It’s easy to throw stones and say that it’s a Toronto, GTA problem and the solution is thrown at the rest of the province with the current lockdown measures. We know that’s not fair but some Health Units seem to have their act together. I thought that we were one of them.

In reality, as I understand things, this shutdown should be more successful than efforts in the past.

After all, we’re now seeing the rollout of the vaccine. And, the lockdown is not a day to day or week to week deal adjusted for numbers. It’s for a full month. We’ll wait to see if the government can stick it out.

But, here are a couple of the signs I ran across today.

This was widely shared and I think is mostly correct. But, I do remember the Premier saying that golf courses would remain open. I specifically remember that as falling in line with the idea of outdoor recreation. I also remember thinking that the slice I can put on a ball would keep me well socially distanced.

The other sign comes from a wonderful place just a couple of concession roads away. The location used to be the Verdi Club but was acquired a few years ago and turned into a restaurant with a fabulous menu including perch and stone baked pizza, bowling, gaming, and laser tag. It was a truly local business.

For something like this to be viable, it requires patrons. They’re throwing in the towel as a result of the continued conditions that target businesses like them. It’s so sad.

It’s just not a pleasant time and it does take a toll on you.

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