Canadian towns

Recently, I stumbled onto this resource and there goes any extra time I might have! It’s called 1000 Towns of Canada and the goal is to have all of Canada’s small towns in one place.

The maple leaves will let you know just what a wealth of information is there already.

Of course, there’s a search field to let you go precisely to your destination.

My initial explorations were a little different – I just zoom in on a community that I know and see what comes up. So, for Seaforth, I get this …

Like most resources like this, it’s interesting to poke around and learn a little of the history of the various locations. Depending upon the link, you might end up with a link to an interview or some pictures historical or otherwise of the communities. Just go nuts clicking on the red links.

In that case of Seaforth, it was a nice memory trip along Main St. South. How many big towns have just one “Main Street”.

When was the last time you poked around your old home town and fully appreciated those people who came from there?

Click here for a Media Kit that explains the project.

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