My Week Ending 2021-03-28

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.


  • I still maintain that typing is a skill that all people should have. Here’s someone’s idea of the “best” typing programs currently available. It’s not just about speed
  • This is an article that explains how Google has our back by blocking all these phony COVID-19 advertisements


  • You can’t have enough inspiration to teach students about internet safety
  • Long story short – install the Linux or Android version of the browser. I have Brave and Opera installed. Nice, but not a completely comfortable replacement


  • I have an old Windows computer that is better with Linux Mint on it but will try Windows 10X if and when it ever becomes available
  • This is a great concept but doesn’t get into an explanation as to how it would work with existing Bluetooth products, if at all


  • Personally, I find animated GIFs annoying but they do float some people’s boats. Here’s how to make them on your phone
  • If you’re into collecting certificates to show your professional learning, how about Google’s?


  • Want a job in IT with Microsoft – here are some that only require a Bachelor’s degree
  • In the days of streaming media, this article declares Google the best platform


  • Thankfully, we have the internet to make the issue in the Suez Canal someone funny
  • This is just another example of how crazy real estate has got in Toronto


  • It’s difficult to argue against any of these five things suggested for college graduation
  • Those lazy teachers are going to get yet another week off the job – let’s jab them with needles

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#FollowFriday – March 26, 2021

voicEd Radio

There was no Wednesday live show this week. I still wrote my Friday post though featuring posts from these bloggers.

  • Richard Erdmann – @rerdmann
  • Anthony Perrotta – @aperrottatweets
  • Andrea McPhee – @Ms_McPhee
  • Charles Pascal – @CEPascal
  • Aviva Dunsiger – @avivaloca
  • Velvet Lacasse – @velvet_lacasse
  • John Hodgkinson – @Mr_H_Teacher

All of the podcasts are archived here. The show is broadcast LIVE almost every Wednesday morning at 8:45 on voicEd Radio. Note the new time. After four years, I’ve been bumped forward half an hour.

Technology Troubleshooting

I remembered to do this post properly this week. Last week, I confessed to messing up.

The consequences were worse than I thought. Because of my error, WordPress didn’t even send out a message that it was available.

I hope to never make that mistake again.

Video of the Week

Everything you need to know about paper!

Photo of the Week

Do they come any more handsome than Jaimie?

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Whatever happened to …

… Sunday drives?

This was a suggestion from Sheila Stewart and she even included a link to an article where someone else had addressed the topic.


This, not to be confused with Sunday driver. <grin>

For me, this goes back a long way. Sundays were pretty scripted for us as a family. At 11:00am, we went to church like just about everyone else in town. All the churches held their services at that time. I can remember thinking at one time if someone was a serial break and enter type of person, they could just work their way up and down the street. Just about nobody was at home at this time.

After the service, it was back home for lunch and then Dad would typically ask “Who wants to go for a drive to see what’s going on?” And, we were off.

There weren’t too many options for destinations and I remember most either going to Bayfield or Goderich. Inevitably, we would end up parking on the pier (you’d never do that now) just to watch the boats. Goderich, in particular, was kind of neat with the big ships at Sifto Salt. Bayfield, on the other hand, had an access road that went straight down.

Off we would go every Sunday. Sometimes, it ended up with picking up Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper. That was a huge treat. The other memory was parking so close to the edge of the pier. Dad would creep ever so closer and Mom’s foot would be going through the floor with the air brake on her side!

All in all, it was fond memories of a Sunday afternoon spent as a family. At the time, almost everything except restaurants were close so we definitely weren’t alone.

Of course, this all came to an end when I became gainfully employed as a lifeguard and had to work on Sunday afternoons.

I’ll be honest; when we go “back home” these days, we’ll often retrace our tracks. Heck, we’ll even go to both Bayfield and Goderich. Sadly, it’s been over a year for that sort of extended travel. I can’t wait to do it again.

For a Sunday, how about sharing your experiences with Sheila, me, and everyone else who happens to drop by.

  • was going for a Sunday drive part of your childhood?
  • if so, did you have favourite destinations that you can share?
  • if you ended up having children on your own, do you treat them to family time?
  • was it easier to do this “back in the day” since everything was closed? Now, shopping malls never seem to close

OTR Links 03/28/2021

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