Digital sabotage

I had to smile just a little bit when I read about this “utility”.

It’s called Zoom Escaper. You can watch the tutorial above and you’ll get the point behind this utility.

Haven’t we all been in meetings that we wish would just end. Normally, they’re over when they’re over or if something goes wrong. Now that I have more reliable internet access the “something going wrong” doesn’t seem to happen any more. This is the problem with having good access.

With my old internet access usually it was so poor, particularly in the evenings, that I would have to limp through meetings with my video turned off.

Credit needs to go to programmers that provide a solution to a problem that we didn’t know we had. In this case, you could sabatoge your meeting in a number of different ways. You’ll smile when you see the options. Maybe you’ll even sympathize a bit.

I doubt that I would ever do something like this – especially now that I’ve blogged about it and you know I know about it. On the other hand, I have my own dog.

But you have to appreciate the ingenuity for a programmer who took the time to learn what happens when the magic starts and then look for a sabatoge point.


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