COVID Saving Time

This weekend is the one where we turn clocks ahead an hour to observe Daylight Saving Time. I’ll admit that the word “Savings” grinds my gears when I hear it.

I only have a couple of memories of significance when it comes to changing of the clocks. One was my father-in-law, a farmer, would go throughout his house changing clocks a week in advance of the time change. The other was trying to get into work nice and early on a Sunday morning but was unable to because my swipe card was only enabled during a subset of the hours of the day.

And where did that hour go anyway? I like to look at the online guide on my television figuring that there would be a clue as to where the mystery hour is/went. I’m still waiting. Here’s tomorrow morning.

Quite honestly, that’s about all that I really have felt an impact on me personally. It happens on the weekend and that accommodates people who find the need to find some sleep time. It’s also the time of year that all these psychologists get reached out to for interviews about how people’s lives are going down the toilet with the time change. I know a lot of people but not any that are adversely affected by this. Sure, everyone talks about it but there’s nothing you can do about it except for a lifestyle change for a day or two. I could see if you are hospitalized and in need of a prescription that’s time sensitive that there has to be some heavy duty computation happening.

But for the rest of us, I don’t know of anyone who is concerned that it’s life altering. Recently, there was a rumbling that Ontario might dump it but only if Quebec and New York state. Well, that’s kind of Toronto-centric of them. How about Michigan and all the trade that crosses the Ambassador Bridge and someday the Gordie Howe Bridge? My phone would have to adjust as I crossed the crown of the bridge just like it does now with the “Welcome to the USA – roving rates now apply”. I’m betting that Quebec and New York have other things of concern more relevant.

So, what’s this got to do with COVID Saving Time? I awoke this morning to the news that a former co-worker got vaccinated yesterday at a pharmacy. Just recently, she had celebrated her 65th birthday. I thought that this new pilot program was only for people 60-64?

Well, it is. Although with a clarification. As noted by this story from the Toronto Star, all that you have to do is be 60-64 in the year 2021. Apparently, the government updated the procedure yesterday with a clarification.

You may be eligible to book an appointment to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine at a participating pharmacy if you:
are 60 to 64 years old at of the day of vaccination or, if you will be, or have been, 60 to 64 in 2021

As my elementary school principal would have said “clear as mud”.

I’m guessing that this doesn’t affect the average reader of this blog post directly. But, you just might know someone who plays by the rules and did a Max Smart

Pass the word.

I know that they’re accepting appointments at the pharmacies in our town.


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