Checking facts

This resource came through one of my mailing lists as a resource for checking facts with online media.

Certainly, over the past few years, we’re seeing an increase in volume of people expressing their opinions. Sometimes it’s real; sometimes not so much. How do you know?

Somehow, I think the big media companies and search engines are part of the problem in all this. In the beginning of web use, often news sources were carefully curated for the best opportunity to give you the most correct answers and perspectives – whatever that means. It was sort of expected that the top answers would come from CBC, CTV, Global, and the Toronto newspapers for my search efforts.

These days, it takes an incredibly well crafted search routine to get those types of answers. I, like so many others I suspect, are kind of lazy and don’t really put the effort into the best searches at times. Often, I get results consistent with that laziness. Now, I’ve been a few laps around the block and can often smell something fishy. If I only had a penny for every search I’ve made!

We’re now seeing a whole generation of new internet users who didn’t grow up in the old days. A long time ago, I read an article about how students find what they’re searching for in the top 5 hits on a Google Search. I wish I could find that article; I could use it so often! Maybe I should search for it! <grin>

Anyway, all of this has resulted in educators spending more time teaching not only how to search but how to question and validate search results. If you’re an educator (and even if you’re not), you need to know about the Association for Media Literacy and become a member. Association for Media Literacy (AML) | Toronto, Ontario. You’ll also recognize that I’ve made reference to their blog on Fridays every now and again.

Back to the resource. It’s called Captain Fact.

It’s both an internet site and an extension for your browser and claims to help you with the fact checking.

I found the algorithm that it uses to determine reputation particularly interesting.

To be honest, I don’t have the extension installed but am enjoying poking around and seeing their approach. My personal preference is common and Spidey sense but I know that that’s not possible for everyone.

I’d be most interested in your thoughts about this.


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