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Yesterday was Friday and a chance to recognize some educators from the province who have been actively online engaging others. One of the people that came through was David Spencer.

David shares, in his response, a page on his educational wiki. It’s devoted to the guitar. I clicked through to enjoy the content that he shared there.

It had me smiling during these COVID times. When I was young, I played the guitar. My problem (amongst other things) was that I was young when I shared with my parents. We went to the local gentleman who taught guitar lessons and my hands were too small to wrap around the guitar. But, he had a solution and I learned how to play the steel guitar and western and Hawaiian music. To be honest, it’s not something that’s done regularly around here anymore.

This winter, from boredom, I pulled out my old electric steel guitar and picked up just like it was yesterday. If you’re of a certain age and are learning to play the steel guitar, I think it probably was compulsory to play Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley.

Now, I’m not that old to have seen the movie first time around but I did date an Elvis fan. I was pleased that I was able to play it from memory without error. I guess I had played it that often enough to commit it to memory.

Anyway, back to David.

He has created a wiki to pull together learning resources for his students. I clicked through the link that he shared and was interested in the resources that he provides. Yes, there are all kinds of resources on the internet doing much the same thing. David’s resource is enough to get students to know and remember the tuning for a guitar.

Often, we seem to be living in a world where we’re just consumers of someone else’s efforts. Haven’t we all gone looking for something and had to settle for something that was less than desirable?

I like David’s approach to customizing things just as he sees the need. I’m a big fan of the wiki format – wiki meaning “quick” in Hawaiian (love the connection here). You truly do create and share content quickly. In my case, I used pbworks and am located at

With a wiki you typically don’t spend all kinds of time tweaking this and that for look and design. You use the wiki to quickly develop a resource. David has taken the time to download wiki software and is running it at his own domain.

Is his solution workable for you?


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