It was another day out pounding the surf at the beach at Colchester recently. I took this picture while out on the pier.

I actually had another one without Jaimie in it but decided that this looked kind of neat. Safety people will note that he’s actually off the pier on top of the breakwall. This was probably 2 seconds before I yelled at him and I needed the picture.

The piled up ice reminded me of the Superman movie where he was at his Fortress of Solitude and had these crystals there. I guess I don’t get out much. And that’s the plan, as we know. Solitude is one of those words that could be describing life for all or most of us these days.

I want a return to normal or what is going to pass itself off as normal as much as the next guy. I want it soon. I get sad when I read that we’re looking at the end of August which is in a perfect world with the wind at your back.

But, we got a little pick up when we got home. I’d read about this but hadn’t expected it so soon.

From what I can tell, there are six variations of the card. The one that we got was this one.

What happened next was the first argument we’ve had since this all started. We both have an aunt still with us (actually I have two); so who gets the card?

It’s actually not that big a deal. This reminded us that it’s just a quick trip into the post office or post office @ Shopper’s to pick up a few more.

It was also a sad reminder that it’s been over a year since we actually have seen our aunts in person. This initiative comes at a good time.

I imagine that there will be all kind of naysayers over this. Surprisingly, the hashtag #WriteHereWriteNow is generating favourable comments at this moment. I really hope that it continues that way.

In the meantime, when you get your postcard, make sure that you take advantage of this reminder to connect with someone. And, use any spare change to buy a few more cards and keep the sentiments going.


OTR Links 03/02/2021

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