Whatever happened to …

… full length LP records?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart for the concept.

Whatever happened to… full album releases? Not just being nostalgic here about buying a new LP and listening to the whole thing while staring at the cover 🙂 Just thinking about how musicians now “premiere” one song at a time before their upcoming full album release. The sound bite era influence?

I never actually collected records much until university. My roommate was a big collector and I learned so much from him.

  • they need to be stored vertically to prevent warping – milk crates were perfect for that purpose
  • you need to keep them clean – he recommended a product call Discwasher for the job (Whatever happened to Discwasher?)
  • the paper sleeves that the album come with are scratchy for the records – he recommended Angel Sleeves which had a soft vinyl interior

I took all of his recommendations and also bought myself an anti-static gun. So, my albums were kept in Angel Sleeves, I’d zap them with the gun and then clean them with the Discwasher before playing.

I also bought a scale so that I could measure the exact pressure that the stylus would place on the record. I was on a mission to make sure that the records would get no damage when played. When I was done, I’d reverse the process and put the records back in my milk crates.

Now, once I got past the poor university years, I did get a cabinet to store the records but definitely vertically. Caring for these was a big deal to me. I can tell you that they’re all sitting there in the cabinet across the room waiting to be played.

Quite honestly, I thought I was holding on to a last vestage of media as record stores are so hard to find. We do have one in town, open now during COVID, but you get someone else’s used.

I can imagine that it was a big deal for artists back in the day. After all, you had to have enough songs to put together to sell an LP. If you have some, you know that they have some really good songs and then some not so good. But, they are full.

It’s just getting increasingly difficult to buy a quality LP these days, as Sheila notes. The industry has moved on to different formats. Yet, there still is something magical about reading the liner notes, reading the lyrics, and looking at the professional images often delivered inside.

For a Sunday, your thoughts?

  • do you still have a collection of LPs?
  • what’s your favourite that you never hope wears out?
  • do you know of an artist who had a song they never expected to do well that did the opposite and went over the top?
  • how are today’s artists getting their new creations to you?
  • do you feel cheated when you listened to a song that sounds like it was just there to fill out an LP?
  • what alternative delivery forms for new music today can you suggest?
  • the vinyl for the traditional LP is black but there have been special releases in other colours. Do you have any?
  • what’s the rotation speed of your typical LP?

I’d be interested in your thoughts? Please share them in the comments below.

If you have an idea for a topic like Sheila, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

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  3. Thanks for your further thoughts on this topic, Doug. I have weeded out a few LPs, but still have a hassock storage-type box full. My husband has his collection in a milk crate. I think they are all in pretty good shape still, but not sure either of us cared for them as well as you did.
    A few days ago, YouTube prompted me to a singer I have been following a bit. It was a new release of a song/video. Turns out it was a cover AND it was only a “snippet” of the song to be released soon. Interesting “teaser”! I felt a bit cheated there!
    As I follow the gradual releases of songs by a singer or band now, I am also debating if buying the full CD is worth it… when it finally is available. We sure took our chances back in the vinyl days! 🙂

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