That isn’t what I would do

The article correctly describes the problem.

Windows 10 update improves copy-and-paste in a big way

Maybe it’s because my original computers didn’t have pointing devices attached to them but I’m a lover of keeping my fingers on my keyboard. (particularly with my new one…)

Early, you learn using a computer that there are all kinds of shortcuts available by combining keys together.

If nothing else, you should know that the CTRL/Command key plus O opens a document, P prints a document, C copies highlighted text, and V pastes highlighted text. Of course, there are more.

Now, back in the good old days, all that was on your screen was text. These days with your fancy schmancy computer, you have text that is much richer, colourful, different sizes, different backgrounds, etc. The all copy and paste faithfully, preserving the attributes of the text.

As a blogger, I often do a lot of copy/pasting if I’m making a reference to something else. It’s what I do. It’s what most bloggers do. The problem is that, while the originator may be proud of how their text is formatted, I often don’t what that here.

So, I had to learn a new shortcut and that is CTRL/SHIFT/V at the same time. That gives me just the text and then I can format things the way I want it. To quote a former colleague of mine, “If you were king of the world, what would you do?” Well, I would make the default CTRL/V just paste the text. I’d have something else to copy and preserve the formatting.

Now, of course, I could use the mouse. Highlight the text, right click on the mouse and then find “Paste as” and then the option I want which is typically “Plain text”. But my point is … why should I have to go through all that?

I’m not excited about the concept of the PowerKey/V to do the simple task although I really like the idea of having a running history of all that I’ve copied.

Of course, I’m not under any delusions that any developer at Microsoft is going to read my blog post and make the change. But, if they would, that would be really cool.

As a compromise, I’d even settle for a configuration setting that would let me customize the keys to my satisfaction. That’s probably not going to happen either.


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