And there it is

My morning didn’t start all that well. If you follow me, you know that I’m doing a lot of reading and sharing at 5:00.

That was the plan today. The hitch was that, when I opened the lid to my Chromebook, it crashed.

It was a hard crash and so had to be rebooted. My typical response is that it’s something that I had do, usually with Experiments, so when it rebooted, I reset all the Experiments that I had activated and rebooted. It came back as a champ and off I went.

But then I had to stop for a second. I was looking for a particular tab and a hover card appeared. You’ll recall that I wrote about this last week. An experiment worth enabling. That was one of the Experiments that I had turned on.

Had I been so dopey that I hadn’t reset it? I checked the flags and none of them had been activated as I had planned. I hovered over another tab and sure enough it was there.

The only conclusion that I could draw was that Google had activated it as a feature in the browser. Awesome. It was a bit bizarre because I couldn’t do a screen capture of it; the moment I touched a key, it went away. Anyway, you’ll have to take my word for it! <grin>

I went looking for “new features” in Chrome but couldn’t find any details. Now, I use the Beta version of the browser so maybe it’s in transition? In my looking, I noticed that a new feature let you change the colour of the cursor. So, I changed mine to green just because I now can.

Anyway, the big takeaway for me here was seeing how a feature that I liked and actually had blogged about has made it to the big time.

Green cursor and all.

OTR Links 02/08/2021

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