Monitoring the flattening

If there’s been any winner in all this COVID stuff, it’s the people who manage data and provide visualization of just what is happening. I’ll admit that I check our local Health Unit for daily numbers. Today’s number shows a continuing drop in daily cases.

As we’ve come to know though, that’s only part of the important information. I’ve learned more about Rt and Cases per 100 000 than I ever thought that I would. It’s the sort of data that allows a community like ours to be compared to Toronto. The populations are so different.

I was playing around with a new online comparison utility today and it helped with the process of comparing region to region. You can start with a visual that shows the province, colour coded

But then choose the health units you’re interested in. I compared Toronto to a few from the southwest. It was simply done by following instructions and choosing those you wanted.

One piece of information that I found interesting and hopeful was the totals for vaccinations given. We’ve got a long way to go as a province and it can be monitored here.

One thing that I haven’t found yet is a visualization of the long term care places that are reporting incidents. Or, long term care incidents as a percentage of the local health unit totals. I’m sure that that information has to be important for decision makers.

You can check out HowsMyFlattening for yourself here.


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