Curating Groundhogs

As I type this, we are currently locked down in our Health Unit. Even more depressing, February 2 being Groundhog Day, is that this may have been the last big event gathering from a year ago celebrated in the traditional way.

The Wiarton Willie Festival is always a nice distraction for the middle of winter. It’s outdoors, of course, and a chance to invite people to Wiarton Ontario in a good year. The photos from last year on the Facebook page tell a story of the gatherings that typically show up.

Of course, we know that things are different these days. Willie will still make his prediction but apparently it’s going to be done virtually this year. It’s typically an event that is celebrated in classrooms anyway so that may not change. Now, with everyone at home, it might attract even more individual viewers. Great teachers may work a little experimenting and reporting from homes to see if people can fact check Willie!

If you’re a regular on this blog, you know that I’ve been curating Groundhog resources for a while. You can check them out here.

Stay warm.

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  1. Doug, I never really considered how different Groundhog Day would be this year. Thanks for sharing your curated resources again. Our Teacher Librarian shared many resources with us as well, and when she sent them to us, I thought about yours. Now here’s to hoping for an early spring (or, at least, this is my hope).


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