A global visualisation

I knew that this was coming from some of the reading that I’d done but it hadn’t hit my instance of Google Maps until yesterday. Or at least I noticed it yesterday.

Those who use Maps a lot know that Google puts layers over the basic map to show things like traffic. Quite frankly, that’s what I use the most. Or, I used to use it when planning trips. That’s a redundant feature during stay at home times.

It’s the COVID-10 info layer that really caught my attention. Just like viewing traffic, it lets you take a look at the latest plotted on the maps and, if you zoom out, on the globe.

And then, of course, you want to spin the world.

That lets you view the rates per 100 000 in colour and a view of the trend in that country. Data always tells a story and you can see quite a number of stories just in this screen capture.

  • Canada versus United States
  • Greenland
  • Spain
  • Algeria

I know that we get reports periodically about the way things are happening in Europe but typically when it’s some sort of sensational bent to it. There are some good news countries, some bad news countries, and some no news countries.

I hope that this layer is enabled for your account so that you can check out how things are going world-wide.


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