I could possibly have saved this for a Sunday morning post.

I picked up my wallet this morning and, for some reason, looked at it carefully. I have a habit of taking out the exact same money each time from the ATM so that I could easily determine if someone had hacked me.

My last visit to the ATM was last February. I haven’t been to one since then. And, I still had that last withdrawl complete in my wallet. For the length of COVID, I haven’t spent any actual paper money!

I started thinking and I did spend some coinage at an air pump. I have a flakey tire. But that’s it.

It has actually had some benefit. Our bank advisor had encouraged us to get a Visa card with some impressive benefits for using it. So, using it, we have been. For the most part, before this, we did try to use the card as a last resort and saved the card for gas and major bills. Now, it seems to be the way of doing business.

These days, it’s used for everything. Even something as simple as a couple of coffees at the drive through as we take the dog for a walk on a lonely stretch of beach. It might be more if they only had maple dips …

The big advantage for safety is that everywhere seems to take tap any more rather than forcing a swipe and then keying a PIN. There were a couple of hold outs but they have seen the light and switched. The Canadian Tire gas station now takes tap at the pump which is so easy – except that it doesn’t seem to like Visa. So, I pull out Mastercard which works every time.

Of course, I’m not the only one. Debit and credit seems to be the popular choices by most people these days as we look around.

All of this comes as the government is working to determine who will be on the new Canadian five dollar bill. I kind of wonder if this exercise will be less than game changing. We seem to be setting up for the rest of the year as being precautionary. I know that we’ve changed our philosophy about carrying and using cash. Would we go back?

I’m not so sure.


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