But I’m free next Tuesday

If you’re like me, one of the questions that is probably running through your mind is “when will I get the COVID shot?”

Sadly, we’re hearing stories of slow rollout and shutdowns but hopefully, that’s a part of the growing pains of getting this done and getting us vaccinated.

I’m still not sure as to how I’ll be notified and where I’ll be asked to go and get the shot. But, rest assure that my mask and I will be anywhere in Essex County in a matter of minutes when the call comes.

In the meantime, I read about this online calculator that would estimate when I could expect the call. The calculator is available online here.

So, I took the test and answered the questions honestly and the results indicated that there are between 12,201,641 and 22,456,373 people ahead of me in line. It reminded me of the lineup for the washroom at the Silverdome when I went to Wrestlemania.

Since I don’t qualify with any of the conditions above, I guess I’m just part of the great unwashed in Stage 3 of the rollout. I can expect the call, according to this calculator, between mid-July and early-September 2021.

It was interesting to play with the settings to see if a lifestyle of job career could speed the process. Obviously, some of the options aren’t available to me. But, it was interesting to see where I would move under different circumstances.

This is one of those things you take for interest. Reality may be considerably different. (I hope)

But, ever looking for the positive side, there is a great deal of information about the whole process and those involved that are worth the click.

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