My Week Ending 2021-01-10

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.


  • This is definitely an example of how privilege works. One entire group can flaunt the law and public advice. You just know that, in another reality, there would have been arrests
  • If you’re looking for a collection of words to never use again, consider starting with the ones identified in this list


  • Here’s just another example as to why you should make sure that your internet browser is up to date
  • If you view current history by what’s happening in the evening news, you’re missing out on the complete story. List this top 10 from Toronto


  • I’d used Slack for a few years and never had it go down on me until this event…
  • I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for a group of Google workers to organize themselves in a union


  • Remember the outcry when Microsoft introduced the new interface for Windows 8? Are we ready to go through it again?
  • The Ministry’s Plan A didn’t take into account that teachers are parents too. Some are also single parents


  • C’mon USA. Get your act together. Closing Michigan’s Capitol? Geesh
  • High speeds and Mercedes should be in the realm of Lewis Hamilton and not a Toronto teenager


  • I can’t believe that there would be anyone who would think that a crash course makes anyone an expert in anything
  • When will you get the antivirus vaccine? You can check it out here


  • This is a scarey report – classroom air filters don’t work?
  • File this under the category “I don’t care and yet just have to read this”

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voicEd Radio

Neither Stephen nor I were available for the show this past Wednesday.

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Technology Troubleshooting

Out new internet connection went out this morning just as I was about to sit down and write this blog post. I was stunned since it’s been so absolutely reliable and fast.

So, I went out to the rec room to play with dog.

On the way out, I passed my wife who indicated that she had dusted in the rec room and found a couple of my things I’d been looking for.

I think you know how this ends!

I now have a new job – doing my own dusting.

Video of the Week


Photo of the Week

The snow in the ditch is texturized and reminds me of a Colleen Rose painting.

Thanks for reading.

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Be safe.


Whatever happened to …

… Maple Dip Donuts?

Just so you can hate me and move on to another blog post, I’ll be up front here and let you know that I don’t like chocolate.

I’m also not a big donut eater either. But, it’s tough being in a car with company that does appreciate this very filling delicacy between meals.

Three times this past week, I’ve been in a Tim Horton’s drive-through where my passenger(s) wanted a treat. Say what you will about our educational system, the person taking the order can do the math. If you order three drinks and only two donuts, they’ll prompt you to make sure that you’re not missing something. Genius marketing!

Now, it’s been a while since we bought donuts so I was quite surprised when I ordered a chocolate dip or double chocolate or whatever and I felt the urge to order something for myself – the Maple Dip Donut. Hey, this is Canada, after all.

But, it was three times that I ordered and was told that they were not available. This was at three different times of the day so I guess I wasn’t the victim of a timely rush. I know that we’re always at the mercy of business decisions and that I’m in the minority by not ordering chocolate. So, was this a business decision? We’ve seen a decision in town where we went from two Tim Horton’s shops to one. The one that close was walk-in only so may have been a COVID casualty. In normal times, it was always packed.

I checked the main website and Maple Dip is still listed as a product. I also found this interesting article where Tim Horton’s products are ranked and it’s number 10.

To end the story, I ended up taking two passes and one old fashioned plain as my way of protest.

Your thoughts for a Sunday …

  • Are you a Tim Horton’s fan or have you moved on to one of the other competitors?
  • While airing grievances, I remember a time when dogs onboard were offered a Timbit but I’ve been told that’s no longer a thing. Jaimie wants to know why
  • What’s your pick when you treat yourself to a cuppa and a donut?
  • Is it just me or is it weird to type donut instead of doughnut?
  • Do you agree with the donut ranking in the Vancouver article?
  • So, what about the Maple Dip? Is it available at your local store and I’m just out of luck here or has it been retired?

Please check in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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