Down but not out

It was a big radio day for Colin Jagoe. He was touring the province on CBC Radio talking about the challenges of teaching and parenting given the current reality for teachers and parents. He shared his public performance agenda with us on Facebook.

  • 6:10 Windsor
  • 6:50 Ontario Morning (serves Peterborough, Kingston, Muskoka)
  • 7:00 Kitchener
  • 7:40 Thunder Bay
  • 7:50 Sudbury

That’s a busy morning. I had thought that maybe he’d been interviewed once and it was just repeated but I was wrong. It was a fresh interview at each stop.

Yup. 5 different shows and call from different local hosts. 

I tuned in to the Windsor interview with Tony Doucette. I thought Colin did a good job and let him know it. As his provincial tour continued, others checked in with similar opinions. It sounds like he was a hit everywhere.

I missed all of the other shows because the dog and I were out pounding the pavement. But we were there in spirit.

Later in the morning, I went back to the CBC Windsor radio page looking to listen to Colin’s 10-15 minutes of fame again. Unfortunately, his interview wasn’t online.

But, I found something else!

The other big news yesterday other than Colin preparing for his speaking tour was a major outage of Cogeco internet service. Obviously when this happens it doesn’t discriminate who loses service.

In one case, a kindergarten teacher at St. Anthony’s school in Harrow lost her connection with her students. I couldn’t help but think that secondary school students would shout “Snow Day” and head out to meet friends. But, it was the second day of school for the kindergartners and they’re amongst the most engaged and excited students.

What to do?

Spoiler alert! It’s in the title of this segment and fleshed out in the descriptor.

At the time of this writing, the story is still up and alive on Tony’s page on the CBC Windsor site. Check it out at It might be the most inspirational 8 minutes and three seconds you could do for yourself today.

Did any reader fall into the same boat and lose internet access yesterday? How did you handle it?

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