Phonics fail

Normally, when I check in with Twitter first thing in the morning, it’s a real gift. People typically have left thoughts and comments on things that we’re learning together.

So, when I opened Twitter on Monday morning, I was kind of excited to see that there were a bunch of Twitter messages to read. My excitement quickly faded. Here’s one of them.

That’s certainly not what I expected. Other messages were laced with profanity and some threats.

Believe it or not, I knew exactly what caused this. (because it’s happened before)

A bit of history; I was indeed a football coach at my high school but I never received any offers from the Philadelphia Eagles to coach there. However, Doug Pederson did and is currently the head coach.

As NFL fans probably know, Philadelphia played Washington on Sunday night and lost the game 20-14.

So, apparently, these “fans” took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and spelling be darned. Let’s just find the first Doug Peterson we can and let it rip. For some, that target was me.

I’m assuming that there are other, more Twitter savvy users, that got his handle correct and fired at him. So, I did a search on his name and wow! Yes, there is a bigger group of people who go beyond “sounding it out”.

If this is the sort of abuse that goes along with being a professional coach, I guess I should be happy that I was never offered a job.


4 thoughts on “Phonics fail

  1. And, as I think about our kindergarten students and their use of inventive spelling, I believe you’ve found one of the times that spelling really does matter. Sorry to hear you were the target of this!


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