My Opera

Not the browser this time.

My timeline was just filled with people talking much about Google’s Blob Opera that I just had to try it out.

And, wow, there went the entire afternoon!

In the end, I wasn’t able to create anything shareworthy but I had so much fun playing around. Basically, you have four nicely coloured blobs that you drag around to play bass, tenor, and mezzo-soprano, and soprano. So, there’s your mouse or trackpad control running things and a whole lot of AI going on to make it do the magic.

For a deeper look, check this out.

After I played around realizing that I’m not going to write the next great opera, I looked in the bottom right corner and there are some Christmas songs ready to go.

The blob opera version of Joy to the World can be found here.

A heads up to regular readers. I’ve been pretty regular writing posts for this blog and doing the Wednesday morning This Week in Ontario Edublogs radio show. Starting on Monday, I’ve decide take a little break from this for a bit. Like everyone, I’m feeling the need to recharge a little bit.

OTR Links 12/19/2020

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