Angels among us

I don’t know about your community but I suspect it’s very similar to ours. There are signs everywhere celebrating the heroes among us that are keeping things going these days.

As Jaimie and I walk in the early morning, we pass a school where there are already cars and trucks in the parking lot. There’s also a steady flow of people who are going somewhere on the roads and, given the early hour, it would be somewhere important to keep the Ontario system going.

In fact, the chance is large that you, dear reader, are an educator yourself and have dropped by for personal reasons. For that, I salute you. As those who know me know, I don’t have deadlines to meet or timelines to adhere to or someone else’s priorities to work towards these days.

As I am musing all this while we’re walking and dodging cars, a song for these times came up on my iPod. It’s from Lisa Brocop. It seems so appropriate. Please treat yourself to four minutes and listen.

So, hero, angel, however you see yourself, have yourself a spectacular world changing day.

OTR Links 12/09/2020

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