All I want for Christmas

If that title doesn’t demand a song, I don’t know what does…

According to my wife, I’m the hardest person to buy Christmas gifts for. My response always is “If you paid attention, you’d know …” That hasn’t erupted into a fight yet but it’s still early in December.

On the other side of the garage, I find it very easy to go Christmas shopping for her. As noted previously on this blog, my youngest daughter comes with me and we typically make a day of it.

But, maybe I need to be a little more explicit. At the risk of dating myself, my brother and I used to sit down with the Eaton and Simpson-Sears Christmas catalogue and circle items for our parents to make it easy for them. Of course, we had no sense of money and spending limits – somehow what we circled ended up in Santa’s inbox and some of it appeared under the tree.

So, whatever happened to Christmas catalogues?

I ran across an alternative this morning.

100 Things We Want From Santa For Christmas — 2020’s Best Gift Ideas For Guys

I took a wander through the article and pulled out a few things that intrigue.

  • a fine whiskey – to be honest, I’m not a regular whiskey drinker but a good friend of mine and I will get together a couple of times a year for that. Sadly, he’s in a country that we’ve closed our borders to
  • an all-weather boot – right now, I use either running shoes or snow joggers when out and about depending upon the weather and yes, in Essex County, there will be times in the winter where there is no snow a running shoes work
  • a pocket knife – I ended up losing my Swiss Army Knife at an airport check point – to be honest again, I haven’t really missed it, I seldom have a need for it. There has been a couple of times the screwdriver was handy
  • a reversable Sherpa looks interesting – it reminds me of a couple of sweaters that I have already but appears to be more comfortable. I remember the days when sweatshirts were 100% cotton. Now, there’s some polyester in them that creates static electricity in these dry times of winter

And you know what? After going through that big article and being mildly interested by so much, nothing really leaped out at me as something I absolutely couldn’t live without.

Maybe I really am difficult to buy for.

But you know what? What I’d really like to do is to be able to travel and visit my friend and have a drink of whiskey with him. It’s not for the sake of the whiskey – I can live without that – it’s just the pain and frustration of not being able to travel to sit across a table and just chat. Even domestic travel is limited since places where you might visit or even use a bathroom while on the road just aren’t there.

So, Santa, if there’s something you could do – make all this COVID stuff stop.

There’s something I can live without.

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