I wish I’d invented this

OK, this is just a silly little post but it touched me.

I’m on a mailing list from The Source and look forward to things to lust after with each mailing! Today’s mailing list shows an interesting “New” product.

I could have invented this.

You could have invented this.

I guess we just weren’t motivated or insightful.

What is it?

It’s a toque with built-in bluetooth speakers!

For “dog-walking in the winter” purposes, I wear my Minnesota Vikings toque along with the ear buds that my wife gave me for my birthday in August.

Jaimie and I are out pounding the pavement at least three times a day with a goal of 14000/28000 steps. It would be a long, boring trek without my tunes to keep my mind off the actual task. It’s not like we walk in an interesting forest with all kinds of wildlife to discover. We walk along a country road with traffic buzzing by at 80 or more km/h.

Somehow, I think I would have made the purchase – even if the bluetooth wasn’t the greatest, $14.99 isn’t a bad price for a toque.


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