My friend Alfred Thompson and I have a standing joke between the two of us. Every time one of us finds a Top 10 list of interesting or useful/helpful websites, we’ll send each other a message like

There’s another list we didn’t make

Of course, it’s just for fun or is it? There was a time when one of us actually made one of these lists.

We do realize that sometimes these posts are just a way to hammer out a blog post to meet a quota or to show off a list that they’ve curated. Nobody has the time or the effort or the ability to check all that’s available, create evaluation criteria, and then assemble them into that top 10 list. Not in a regular person’s lifetime.

If you’re curious though, Alfred blogs at: Unlike me who tends to blog on topics that are whatever hits my fancy at any given point in time, Alfred is true to his educational roots and blogs about Computer Science.

I attribute it to our careers. He was a Computer Science teacher and a Computer Science Advocate for Microsoft. I started out as a Computer Science teacher but a job change got me involved in anything computer from K-12.

It was Alfred’s blog that I most recently learned about TileCode. So, I thank him for that. I’m still puzzled that his blog is “Powered by Blogger”. If you know the man, he bleeds blue.

Anyway, all of these went through my mind as I indulged myself in my latest diversion. It’s called The Useless Web.

That’s all that you see when you visit the site.

Just click on the pink button and you’ll find a new tab open with a “worthless” website in it. I’m not sure I’d call them “worthless” in the traditional sense of the word. I spent a lot of time exploring new sites. To be honest, I’ve yet to find a resource that’s going to change my life or way of doing things. It was entertainment.

So, to Alfred…

Aren’t you glad we didn’t make this list?


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