Hallowe’en playlist

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On Wednesday mornings on @voicEd Radio I’m proud to be part of the This Week in Ontario Edublogs almost live broadcast. For Hallowe’en, did you see what I just did there.

Because voicEd Radio has a SOCAN license, we’re allowed to play some music as introduction to the show. In the past, we typically would play one song and that’s it. But, for the month of October to celebrate, we opened and closed with a song related to (at least in my mind) Hallowe’en.

For your listening pleasure, here they are.

October 7

October 14

October 21

October 28

Monster Mash is an anthem if there ever was one.

How about you?

What are you listening to on this scariest of days?

What would you add to my playlist?

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6 thoughts on “Hallowe’en playlist”

  1. When I saw that you were posting Halloween songs, I scrolled with baited breath, watching for Monster Mash to appear.

    Leo Moracchioli is a recording artist and producer based in Norway. He releases a new recording each Friday on YouTube, cumulatively having released over 26 albums worth of music over the last few years. Many of the recordings are covers of renowned songs, but in a metal style.

    Yesterday his Halloween release was a cover of Monster Mash! Enjoy!


    1. I remember a while back Lisa Cranston indicated that her daughters couldn’t stand the song since it was played non-stop at their place of work in time for the season.

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