COVID signs

Not to be confused with “signs of COVID”.

Photo by Peg Lemkuil on Unsplash

I noticed the school around the corner sign this morning. It had an inspirational message for students

If you can be anything you want, be nice

It’s kind of a theme around here. The electronic sign going into town reminds us to

Be nice

As we came to an intersection, a school bus had stopped and we noticed a sign on the side near the door

Do not get on the bus if you feel sick

One of the churches offers this advice

Church services are cancelled but God still makes house calls

There are even COVID advisories on the electronic signs on the 401.

There are also collections of signs of the times.

16 Funny Church Signs About Coronavirus

22 Funny, Straightforward Signs About The Coronavirus Situation Put Up By Shops And Restaurants

Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

How about a little feedback from those of you reading this post. Of course, we see standard messages about “Wear a mask”.

What inspirational, funny, informative signs have you seen in your community or maybe even on your school’s sign? Has anyone done sign creation in their classroom?

Please share them in the comments.


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