For Remembrance Day

It’s that time of year when poppies are for sale everywhere. All of us purchase one and wear it with pride up to Remembrance Day.

I haven’t seen poppies for sale yet. This year’s campaign doesn’t start until next week. I’m hoping that it will still go forward even though we’re living in such a bizarre year.

I’m usually good for buying five or six of them. I seem to be forever losing them and I largely blame the seatbelt of my car. All things being equal, I’m hoping that they will be for sale soon. I wonder if this will be available in our little town.

Until then, I happened to be on the Legion website (which has many resources to indicate their mission) which redirects to the Poppy Store where additional items can be purchased to support the legion. I found a product that is both useful and supports the cause.

Since masks are required in all indoor places anyway, why not support a good cause while at it?

Author: dougpete

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