A feature I didn’t know I needed!

and it comes in the latest edition of Vivaldi. After all, it is the most configurable browser available right now.

Like most people, I suspect, I have a number of tabs in my browser that I use daily so I have them pinned and keep them all in one spot. Twitter, Flipboard, News360, etc…

When I switch to that tab, some of them reload their content and others require the painstakingly difficult task of me having to click on the reload icon or do a CTRL-R. Not any longer with this new feature.

I move to the tab where I want to have the latest and right-click on it.

and there it is.

I can configure that one tab to periodically reload itself.

The result, when I hope that tab it’s there and ready to go with the latest content.

It’s a little thing, perhaps, but when I think of the number of times that I’ve done that over the years, it’s actually a big deal.

I had never thought of that as something that I needed. Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it! I’m guessing that there might well be add-ons for other browsers to give the same feature.

But, I’m liking the concept of having it built-in.

I wonder when others will follow.

1 thought on “A feature I didn’t know I needed!

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