No Grammy here

I was quite interested after reading stories about how Google’s Assistant will recognize a song just by humming it. You know that I had to try it.

To experiment, I went into my office area and turned off any noises and started the process.

“Hey Google”

“what’s this song?”

and I started humming. The song for this acid test was “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress. Why? Well, I love this song and play it around in my head and hum it quite a bit. I think I know it completely. Sadly, Google Assistant didn’t agree.


I guess I’m greater in my mind. Here’s the original.

It didn’t even get the gender correct. Jake Owen did cover it here.

So, getting past that, at least Google tried.

I did play Ms. Andress’ original into my phone and it got it correctly.

I’ll take the blame.

But, I did get this one to work perfectly! Well, at least 69%.

I hope it works better with this: Google launches Sound Notifications that let your phone notify you of critical sounds around you

Doug “Your toast is ready”.


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