Things I haven’t heard


Photo by airfocus on Unsplash
  • Finally! Damn the pedagogy; the IWB is mine, all mine.
    • Get your hands off my board, kids….
  • My mask is frozen to my face
    • I remember a scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth and how wet it got just from breathing
  • There’s frost on my face shield
    • It used to be that you had to own a snowmobile to actually experience this winter phenomenum
  • I missed the bus because I didn’t know that I had to go to school this Wednesday
    • Oh, the realities of a modified secondary school timetable when you go to a school building Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday
  • Let’s skip last class and go to the football game
    • School sports are just another casualty of COVID reality
  • I can’t put my mask on
    • Keep working at it; it’s going to be tough to do when you’re wearing mittens
  • People who wear masks scare me
    • But not now. Maybe we’re raising a whole generation of kids who won’t be scared at Hallowe’en events
  • Who’s up for a beer after work on Friday at the Michigan?
    • The Michigan was the place just down the street from my old school where we’d meet to share work stories after work on Fridays. Trick point since the actual building has been torn down but a “meeting” with 30 or 40 colleagues is out of the question anyway

Yeah, it’s a different year.

Author: dougpete

The content of this blog is generated by whatever strikes my fancy at any given point. It might be computers, weather, political, or something else in nature. I experiment and comment a lot on things so don't take anything here too seriously; I might change my mind a day later but what you read is my thought and opinion at the time I wrote it! My personal website is at: Follow me on Twitter: I'm bookmarking things at:

6 thoughts on “Things I haven’t heard”

  1. What about, “How did I get glue on my shield AGAIN?” And “how do I get it off?” These might need to be hashtagged with #OnlyAviva. 🙂 Not a one-time occurrence. 🙂 I wonder what other ones people might add to this list.



  2. I pressed “Post Comment” and thought of another one … “At school, we don’t share ANYTHING.” So much for sharing is caring. Now, sharing is COVID. You have to wonder about the impact of this long term. Not sure of a different approach though. A lack of sharing also means an increase in safety.



      1. I have to tell you, I don’t actually hate the demise of the saying, but I do miss our support of “sharing.” Trying hard to think about how we can share ideas versus sharing materials. Idea sharing is not limited …



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