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Happy Thanksgiving

A sincere thank you to those who drop by this blog regularly or irregularly to read my thoughts and even comment on them. I thank you profusely.

Thanksgiving is always one of those marker days. For teachers, it’s the first chance to really take a second breath and relax after a hectic September or, in the case of 2020, a bizarre, hectic September.

There are years around here where Thanksgiving is the weekend to close the pool in the back yard. Not so this year; we had some very cool days in September so that job is already done.

Normally, this would be a weekend to go back to my hometown and enjoy the colours. That’s not in the cards this year but things are changing colour nicely around here so a staycation leaf viewing thing will have to be done locally.

In a regular year, there would be a family gathering to celebrate the day. It’s going to be smaller this year. I hope that everyone has at least the chance to connect with friends or some subset of your family.

This year, in addition to the tradition things of family, health, and friends, I think we have so much to be thankful for

  • living in a country that was doing well controlling the COVID virus and will handle this second wave
  • a media that is mostly objective in its coverage of events
  • good friends and neighbours all pulling for each other
  • leaders that are addressing the issues with sincerity and not for political gain

From the show WKRP in Cincinnati, the Turkey Drop. It’s an annual part of my Thanksgiving post but I still think is one of the funniest bits in television. This includes other funny bits as Johnny Fever would say – more news and Les Nessman.

Have a wonderful day.


4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I’m always grateful for starting the day with your wonderful blog posts, and this year is no different! Thanks for sharing all you do, Doug, and for connecting Ontario Edubloggers along the way.



  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Doug! Thanks for those good reminders to be thankful for in Canada! Thank you for all you do.. daily, weekly, yearly… ! Hope you have a great family day!


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