Response to spammers

It’s been a while since I honoured those spammers that drop off comments quite regularly but you never see them, thanks to Akismet. I’m watching football on Sunday as I write this and had this urge to do a purge. But, I couldn’t resist sharing some of these.

If look at the bottom of my posts, you’ll notice that I tightened up things that are considered spam. Generally, if anyone leaves a link in a reply, it ends up in the spam folder awaiting moderation or deletion. I’m happy to note that it’s actually working and fewer unfortunate comments appear publically.

For your enjoyment, here are some of the bits of spam I enjoyed/smiled/purged this afternoon.

Well, thank you! Actually, this is an example of a comment that didn’t get caught.

Why would someone from Trinidad and Tobago be using Thanks for your offer to being an author here. Your area of expertise really isn’t a good fit though.

Hey, I thought you were Kimber from Trinidad and Tobago!

The way that you have brought in various phrases would actually be an interesting computer science problem to assign students. Along with a healthy dose of ethics, of course.

It’s interesting to note that the spelling errors are consistent and therefore I can only conclude that they’re in your original template.

Yes, I have a spam problem. It’s from people like you. Or bots like you.

Count me in for time travel. Stamp my ticket for 2022, please.

I’d like to think I can do more than write a single paragraph, no matter how wonderful it might be.

The whole idea of spam continues to intrigue me. I get that some try to get you to click through to a website of their design. In 2020, aren’t we all a little more careful online?

Anyway, these were a select few. They and all the rest are now gone.

2 thoughts on “Response to spammers

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