Whatever happened to …

… bubblegum cigars?

You know, there’s a whole bunch of our childhood that has gone missing to today’s generation. Everything that we enjoyed had a great deal of sugar in it. Someone sent me an image this week of this classic sweet treat.

Before we dig into this topic, who remembers candy cigarettes?

Anyway, when I saw this image, I did indeed go looking to see if they were still available around here at the local convenience stores. I couldn’t find them. There were lots of sugar free gum options though. I think I still have a tooth or two that’s not carrying a cavity that might enjoy a fix.

Those bubblegum cigars were a real treat for us. Unlike penny gum, these were a little more expensive and so were a rarity. You’d chew off a piece and put the rest in your pocket to collect a bit of lint.

Some of my happiest moments were years ago with the birth of our kids. After a hospital visit, there was a bulk supplier of products that carried boxes of these cigars. With my oldest daughter, I went and bought four or five boxes of pink cigars and handed them out to my students upon my return to school. With my son, I repeated the procedure and bought blue cigars. How cliche! When my second daughter came along, I tried to repeat but they were out of pink ones but I did get boxes of blue. As she’ll point out, this was the start of taking the third child for granted.

Regardless, the cigars went over well with my students. It didn’t break any class rules; my only rule about snacks was that the wrappers had to go in the garbage can. That was actually easy to enforce since the trays under our tables were actually just a metal grid and wrappers would fall through if you tried to place them there.

For a Sunday, what are your thoughts….

  • do you remember bubblegum cigars?
  • can you find them these days in your stores? I see that you can buy them online
  • I’m sure that somewhere, candy cigars and cigarettes were deemed to be an introduction to smoking and so got banned. Am I right?
  • for those of you who are parents, did you celebrate birth of your children with your students? How?
  • are there other personal celebrations that you brought in to your classroom and shared with your students?
  • do you allow snacking in your classroom?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Doug, I don’t have a lot of experience with these bubblegum cigars. I vaguely remember them, but they were too sweet to ever really enjoy (for me at least). Your question though about snacking in class registered with me. We used to have an eating table — adunsiger.com/2019/10/12/the-411-on-an-eating-table-what-is-it-why-does-it-work-could-it-exist-past-kindergarten — and now we support the same at students’ individual spaces. They just have to wash their hands before eating. This really allows them to listen to what their bodies need, and us to be far more responsive to kids and needs. I’m curious what snacking might look like now in other classes given COVID restrictions. Do the protocols change this practice for others too? How? Thanks for getting me thinking on Sunday morning, pre-coffee. 🙂



  2. I kept a very large container of pretzels at my desk for hungry students. You can’t learn if the sound of your belly growling is distracting you.


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