Going back

I didn’t get the email.

But my friend Peter McAsh did and Slacked me to see if I’d got it.


I was intrigued. All those holidays, two months off in the summer, salary of over $100K … what’s not to like?

Maybe they have standards now and that’s why I didn’t get the email? Or, actually, maybe the email address that I have on record with them isn’t one that I use anymore. Bingo. I was able to log in to the Ontario College of Teachers website but as a retired educator, there aren’t many options available, including updating your email address.

But I still was intrigued so I looked to see if there were any Computer Science jobs in either of the two English language school boards. Nope. The only thing would be to get placed on an Occasional Teacher list and then hope to get called for a coverage.

So, at least locally, the headline is a bit misleading.

It got me thinking of the post yesterday from Paul Gauchi who is unable to get a job and remains an Occasional Teacher. Maybe this is an opportunity for him.

I think that it’s interesting that the “offer” is going out to retired teachers. By our nature, we’re actually in one of the higher risk categories for catching COVID-19. In the meantime, I turn to social media where there’s a great deal of traction on the topic, calling it a money grab for the OCT. Just an informal contact with people I know doesn’t reveal anyone who is interested in becoming an Occasional Teacher. For some, it could be “again”. One of the topics that was not addressed was the limitation on days that retired teachers could be hired before it impacts their pension. When last I checked, you are limited to 50 days per school year.

The whole situation, it seems to me, is another side effect of a badly planned re-opening of schools plan. Those retirees that I remain in contact with are taking safety in the age of COVID-19 very seriously. I don’t see a big run of people taking up this offer.

See the discussion on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Going back

  1. If we were not in the midst of a pandemic, might you consider it? Two years ago we ran into some trouble getting enough supply teachers. That was the year we felt the impact of going to a 2 year teacher’s college. Suddenly we had zero new grads, which meant we had far fewer supply teachers across the province. All PD in the spring was cancelled due to this problem and we even had trouble book people to cover sick days. Pulling retired teachers out of retirement would have been a good solution then!

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  2. With COVID-19 I would not go back. My wife is at too high a risk and I wouldn’t want to bring it home. Even without COVID I don’t know that I would go back. If I went back not it would only be for the money and that is a poor reason to teach. It’s not far to the students or the teacher. The reasons I retired had nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with wanting to change my life style. I like my retired life style.


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