Peace and quiet

and a break.

On a good work day, my collection of tabs looks like this.

On a not-so-good day, there are far more open tabs.

I always have some sort of media on in the background. That’s my routine. I don’t seem to be able to work in absolute peace and quiet. Now, there can be a problem when I get a phone or video call. I typically answer right away and then realize that there’s something playing somewhere.

Usually, there’s a little speaker in the offending tab but you don’t see it above because it’s open in another window at present.

In the past, I would go scrambling to find the tab and mute it or head for the volume control and/or mute to shut things off. It can be even more comical if I have more than one tab playing at the time.

However, the Vivaldi browser has a neat feature. Now, Vivaldi has a lot of neat features like built-in adblocking and sometimes it takes a bit of exploring to find new-to-me features. I noticed this the other day.

It’s located in the status bar and looks kind of like the application switcher on Android. I had to check it out.


I clicked it once and my tabs went all like this.

They’re all still there; they’ve just been hidden from my sight. And not for the current window but for all tabs, all windows. And the tab playing Stingray music on the Fibe app has gone quiet and dark in the other window.

What a great feature! Now, I’m sure that there might well be an extension/add-on somewhere that I could install but I do like to keep control of the number of additions to the basic browser. Vivaldi has it built right in.

It’s funny; when I found it, I thought it was just a cutesy feature but now that I actually use it, I realize that I use this feature way more than I ever thought I would.

You can try out the Vivaldi browser by downloading it from Vivaldi browser – Fast, private browser with unique features.

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