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All last week, I kept reading and hearing about the Ontario Ministry of Education having a section on their website devoted to informing the public as to the number of cases of COVID-19 in schools and child care centres.

It’s really important information for parents, teachers, students, and the community to know this. Local Health Units have been good about keeping us informed. The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has theirs here and it’s prominent on their landing page.

The bizarre things about these other news reports is that the didn’t include a link to this update page. Had they just taken the Premier’s word for it that there was one. Or was it under construction and everyone wanted to be the first to report on it?

So, I decided to look for it – the weather had turned kind of chilly and I was looking for something to do inside.

I expected it to be front and centre on the Ministry of Education’s page. I was wrong. I then thought that it might be on the government’s page. I couldn’t find it there either. I eventually poked around and found it! This morning, I wanted to check in and see what the numbers were but couldn’t find it. But, I had found it before and it was in my browser history! Found it again.

The link is:

There is a commitment on the site to update the page with current information at 10:30 daily. The page is well constructed, consistent with the design of the rest of the Ontario government website. The information is presented in a series of tables with the related information. Kudos do have to go out for this open presentation of data.

So, if you’re tracking cases for friends, families, or trends, you should get information that is only 24 hours old, Monday to Friday.

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