Tough decision

I can tell you, from experience, that being a parent is a tough job. Even before you have children, you talk through your individual parenting philosophies. Coming from different families can result in different perspectives. And that’s a good thing, I suppose.

Then, there’s the actual parenting part when the kid(s) do come along. All the philosophy goes out the window at times when reality kicks in. There are tough decisions to make. Even discipline can be a challenge if you’re not on the same page. Then, there are those instances where you have to play good cop, bad cop.

I think I can honestly say that I’ve done it all. Or done most of it. It’s not easy.

Then, comes COVID.

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There are tough decisions to be made about a return to school plan. I think that the consensus is that the return plan is a gamble, with compromises but it gets students back in school so parents can get back to work. In a perfect world, we would wait until an anti-virus is invented and everyone issued a dose. We’d have the Health Unit flexing its muscles to make sure that every child receives their medication, otherwise, they wouldn’t be allowed to return to school.

We’re nowhere near that now. I suspect that there have been a great number of discussions and soul-searching done in making the decision to return to school or to not and opt for learning at home. School districts have issued deadlines for parents to declare their intentions. The reporting is that it hasn’t been 100% and districts have indicated that they’ll be pursuing those non-responders so that they can determine final numbers. This is extremely important so that resources, rooms, and teachers can be allocated.

All of this is difficult to be sure. In the news though, something even more difficult to wrap my head around.

Ontario court rules child will attend school in dispute between parents fuelled by COVID-19 fears

What a tough one! We know of the agreements often entered into when there is a separation in a marriage with a division of children time between parents. This goes way beyond that scenario. After all, a school wouldn’t allow a student to attend one week and then spend the next week at home due to the divided wishes of parents. The judge had to balance the need for safety with the need for socialization. It’s the same decision parents had to made, this time with a real twist.

Often, when I read articles like this, I can make sense of things and can come to a resolution in my mind. Clearly, in this case, I don’t have the wisdom of King Solomon and I don’t know how I could ever have arrived at a decision in this case.

Could you?

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