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As school buildings begin to open, some teachers are taking pictures and sharing them on Social Media.

Some of the pictures show a layout that respects social distancing and tell a story of being able to meet two metres distance. As we all know, that distancing rule has been shrunk to one metre for schools.

There are a lot of good reasons to share the pictures. It can show students and parents, in advance, how traffic flow will happen. Gone are the days of a mad rush and pushing/shoving to get to a seat. (hopefully). The pictures I’ve seen really tell a story even without the accompanying commentary from the teacher even though that does add additional perspective. In some cases though, the Minister of Education is challenging these pictures.

While some educators are bolding showing off the reality of their new classrooms, there are some that are hesitant to do so. For those in that situation, Charles Pascal offers a solution.

I can see where he doesn’t want to share his email address publically on Twitter but, as he notes, it’s easy enough to find. Protip – his website is located at: There are lots of interesting links in his navigation bar; read his biography to find out more about Charles and his passion for education and then keep going.

If you’re in the boat of wishing to show off your classroom and are dragging your heals for whatever reason, Charles has your back.

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  1. It’s a nice offer. But most classrooms are easily recognized by people who know them. It would be like posting a picture of your living room anonymously.

    This whole thing is such a mess! When is the next election??


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