That’s the magic number here, I found out this week.

We have a digital antenna on the roof of the house to pick up over the air channels. A cable comes down from it, through the wall, to the television area. From there, I had read the manual and connected it to the satellite television box and then scanned to see what we could get.

I had read somewhere that the metropolitan Detroit/Windsor area was one of the world’s most media rich areas and so was surprised when it only found about 3 or 4 channels. They were all American. I tried scanning in bright daylight and when there were heavy storm clouds. It made no difference. It was so bizarre because I can see a media tower out the back window of our house. So, we just lived with it.

Heck, even growing up, we only got television channels from London, Wingham, and Kitchener. On an overcast evening, sometimes from Detroit. Of course, back then, it was a pure analogue signal.

One day, while on the patio, I noticed that the cable connection wasn’t actually connected to the antenna. So, despite my wife’s protestations, I got the ladder out, climbed up and ultimately tried to reconnect it. It was only then that I realized that the reason why it wasn’t connected, was that it had rusted through. That’s nothing that a trip to The Source couldn’t solve. I got a new cable and it was time for another roof climb. I traced it all the way to the box and it looked solid. I scanned again and it found nothing new.


I think that we’re all a little bored these days and so it was with a boring moment that I decided to plug the cable right into the television instead of going through the box. I scanned again and it took a really, really long time and finally reported that it had found 54 channels. Are you kidding me?

Now, because it was on a separate connector, I had to move to a different input and sure enough, there was a bunch. And, each channel was broadcasting its schedule too. You’ve got to love digital. Now, before you get too envious, some of the channels are shopping channels. It’s just nice to see them! I don’t know if the satellite box was defective or whether it needed a certain signal strength to register or what.

I guess the big message is to never give up.

Now my next biggest problem …

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  1. We’ve gone to streaming at our house. We’ve signed up with a couple of streaming services and there is a lot to pick from. We seem to be watching shows mostly from outside the US. BritBox gives us a lot of British shows. Acorn gives us a number of shows from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s been interesting to see some slightly different cultures and hear some different accents. I particularly enjoy how Americans are portrayed in other countries. It’s a different look. Canadian shows particularly look at the US in interesting ways.


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