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I woke up to a brick this morning.

My smartphone, which has been my constant companion for the past five years, wouldn’t turn on. It had been acting a little less than great for a while now but I was always able to get it to work. Hardest fix might be a complete reboot but that didn’t work this time.

So, before panic set in, I did was any resident of the year 2020 would do and did an internet search. Now, I’m old enough to remember my first phone where a paper clip was all that was needed to perform a reset. Apple has changed all that with multiple button press and holds, standing on one foot, clenching your tongue, and hold your breath for a reset. Now, there are only four buttons but the “experts” all had recommendations for which to press and hold. I tried them all and the blue LED just kind of smirking at me. I tried all the combinations.

Then, life gets in the road … i.e. the dog wants to go for a walk. That doesn’t normally take me off the grid, I can walk and read Twitter messages at the same time. 21st Century skill, don’t you know. But today, it was different. I left the smartphone at home plugged in just in case the problem was power related. That was the first time today I felt naked.

There’s a certain weight in my pocket from the phone that was missing. I was very cognisant of that. I was also becoming aware of the number of times I would reach down and slap my pocket to make sure the phone was there. Today’s slaps were coming up empty.

Upon my return to home I tried again with the buttons and a device that had to have a charge now even if it was dead earlier. No luck. One of the resources had an progressive level of things to do and I was at the bottom/top of it. This last step required sending it in for repair and there was a flat list of prices. The price for a repair of a five year old device was scarey.

Anyway, I had an outdoor COVID coffee scheduled with a good friend so I left the phone plugged in and off I went. I wasn’t two steps from the house when I realized that I was missing something. Deal with it, Doug. So, I hopped in the car and headed into town and the screen on the dash looked naked. There was just one line “Connect a Phone”. Normally, that area would be fully dressed.

I got to the appointed meeting place and sat down. My coffee partner was nowhere in sight. Fifteen minutes later and he still wasn’t there. Then, I started to wonder – had he tried to text me to cancel? Maybe there was something that sidetracked him? How could I contact him? Again, I felt so naked.

He did show up, telling a story of road construction! We had a nice coffee and chat and even witnessed an outdoors graduation from a day care centre. During our conversation, there were a couple of topics that I should know the answer to. Sadly, I couldn’t remember but I reached for that empty pocket to get my phone to look it up.

How could I ever let myself be tied so closely to technology?

Fortunately, there is a place in town that was able to get me fixed up with a new device. My clothes are back on.

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