Whatever happened to …

… Salon 2000?

This is not likely to be picked up in your radar unless you lived around here but it’s a big deal here.

A long time ago, when we were pregnant with our first, we attended child birthing classes. It was there that my wife met, oh let’s call her Judy, who later on opened a beauty salon in town, Salon 2000.

My wife had been a faithful patron until the stay at home initiative. It was during this time that the sad news came that the salon would be closing. They couldn’t maintain the business and I don’t know all of the details. I do know that it was a sad day around here. Everything was still closed and so I was the only possible option and that wasn’t happening – I don’t blame her.

Then, one evening, my wife got a call from Judy. She had decided to open her business at home and was inviting customers back. It became a happy day here and, when Stage 2 arrived, so did a visit to the new digs. She returned home all beautiful again and spirits were high. The only sad point was there wasn’t a collection of people waiting and so getting caught up on the local gossip wasn’t happening.

Of course, this closing wasn’t unique. There are many places that have been adversely affected. They’re not all small businesses either.

These retailers are closing Canadian locations in 2020

The article was last updated this week.

It takes a strong and brave entrepreneur to re-invent themselves like Cathy did.

For a Sunday, your thoughts?

  • during COVID, how long did you go without a haircut?
  • did you cut things yourself or with a friend?
  • are there any services in your community that haven’t survived COVID? Do you have alternatives?
  • are there any retailers in the article above that you’ll miss and hope they return or re-invent themselves?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Doug, I last got my haircut in February. My appointment for my first COVID haircut is on Thursday. It’s definitely been a while. I was so reluctant to go because of the physical closeness. But this hairdresser only takes one person at a time in the shop, and does a thorough clean after each person. The little extras are making me feel better! I used to give no thought to a haircut. Now there’s so much thought involved.

    Your story about Salon 2000 reminds me of a discussion that I had with my step-dad near the beginning of the lockdown. He said, “Even when businesses can open again, so many will be unable to.” I’m glad that your salon found another way. I wonder how many other businesses are exploring creative alternatives.



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