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I had to attend an appointment this morning so checked that I had masks and hopped in the car to go. I always pack two these days in case I have to make multiple stops. That lets me make a change to a fresh one. I’d really hate to think that I would ever spread something.

I waited until the last minute and then slapped it on and met my appointment. Those at the same place I was at did the same thing. We had a bit of a chat and, of course, the concept of masks came up. I was told that it was tough in the beginning but how it’s just the way things are done.

So, time makes it all happen. I thought of two things:

  1. Breaking in a new pair of shoes! It can be a painful process but we’ve all done it. It takes a bit of practice and you might switch between pairs of shoes that you own as you get used to the new ones.

  2. This Twitter message from Margo Sanger.

That seems like great advice. With respect to Margo’s message, I think it’s only wise for students learning to wear a mask for extended periods of time at school. Why not start now and take baby steps so that it’s not a big deal wearing one when school buildings re-open and masks are required?

And, it’s probably not bad advice for the big people who will be in those classrooms as well. Going cold turkey on that first day could be brutal without learning this habit.

So, thanks Margo for that advice.

And, to enhance that advice to teachers, you might want to click through and read this blog post for teaching ideas when wearing a mask.

How To Teach While Wearing A Mask

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